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Turning 65 and having to choose a secondary insurance seemed difficult with all the insurance information that came in the mail and by phone calls. I agreed to meet with Bill and he helped not only me, but my husband as well. I have already recommended him to others. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous.

K.H. Newark, OH

Bill gave us thorough data on all the health plans to make selecting one much easier. He is very personable and informative on all aspects of the programs. He and his associates are very helpful at the time of sale and continue to be afterwards.

TERRI AND JIM G. Millersport, OH

Bill offered valuable information in helping me choose a health insurance policy. He reviewed pros and cons of various choices to allow me to make an informed decision. Afterward, I really appreciated that both him and Jill were there to be of help and answer all my questions.

SHARON R. Columbus, OH

When I agreed to speak with Bill, I had no idea what a blessing he would be in helping me. He knows his job and shares it with a smile. He has a work ethic that much of the world has forgotten. I thank both him and Jill for their hard work. They make a great team.

JANET B. Pickerington, OH

I told Bill what I was looking for and he found it. The service was great. I also got a great prescription plan which was important to me. They are good at what they do, very friendly, and care about you.

CATHY L. North Lewisburg, OH

Bill’s knowledge was quite apparent. We were unfamiliar with options and deadlines. Bill kept us informed, helped us with all the necessary forms and made our decision very comfortable. He is kind, helpful and always prompt in answering questions or concerns. We have already spoken to others who realized they made errors in their decisions because they didn’t have the proper assistance.


As you move into retirement age, there are so many things to learn about Medicare. Bill guided me through the web of details. He also met with me within very short notice during the holiday season when I realized I was in a bind on deadlines. I would refer him to anyone because of his vast knowledge and efficiency.

POLLY M. Columbus, OH

It was a difficult decision when switching from my company insurance to individual insurance. Bill helped us feel good about picking the right Medigap insurance policy for our needs. He provides great customer service and I would definitely recommend him.

W. AND J. LUTZ Manchester, PA

I experienced a serious car accident which kept me in the hospital for 10 days, followed by a stay in a rehab facility. To my amazement, everything with the billing was processed and paid just as Bill had explained. I am very thankful that I trusted him to help me choose my Medicare supplement policy. I will continue with his company and the excellent service he provides as my agent.

GAYLE N. Columbus, OH

My goals were to choose a health plan that would protect me financially and let me choose from a broad network where I can get the best care. Jill was very efficient in the customer service she provided and I felt comfortable with the help in securing the appropriate insurance policy. They are available, efficient, and knowledgeable.

HELEN Youngstown, OH

I had a lot of unanswered questions. Bill took the time to thoroughly explain the answers which made it easy to make a decision. I would also recommend them because they provide excellent customer service, are genuinely good people and very knowledgeable.

BARBARA New Albany, OH

I would recommend Bill and Jill because they are easy to work with.


Deciding what insurance company, benefits and cost that would be best for me was difficult. Bill made making the decision very easy. He took the time to explain and make clear the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of each policy type and gave good examples so that I could more easily understand. Recommending Bill and Jill is easy. They genuinely care, are honest and ethical. I know they would go to any length to be sure the right thing is done to satisfy their customer. They are professionals who follow-up and follow through.

FLO L. Westerville, OH

A family member had a complicated medical condition. Bill thoroughly researched the situation then reviewed all options which helped us to comfortably arrive at the correct choice for the situation. Also, after thorough plan comparisons, we were pleased some prescription co-pays were lower than expected.


Jeff and I have been completely happy working with them. We would recommend them and their company.

DIANE A. Westerville, OH

We put trust in him and he shared his families past insurance experiences which made it easier to understand and decide on the appropriate policy. They provide great customer service whenever needed. They do a good job and treat us like family.

S. & D. BUMGARNER Westerville, OH

I did not know where to start on the process of entering Medicare. Even had I thought I understood, I still wouldn’t have fully known what to do. Bill and Jill made all of those concerns disappear. When any questions would arise, they acted immediately and resolved any and all issues. Bill and Jill are pleasant, smart, honest, and knowledgeable about all aspects of their field.

JANET H. Mt. Vernon, OH

Upon retirement, it was not difficult to decide to move my 401k into an annuity to protect my source of income when Bill explained the advantages and disadvantages involved. Bill’s explanation was quite detailed. Bill and Jill are very courteous, friendly and honest. Anytime I have a question one of them is there to answer. I appreciate all they have done for me.

GAYLE N. Columbus, OH

Bill and Jill walked me through and educated me on the facts that I needed to know and placed me in the best insurance for my situation. Bill called me to let me know that there was a better and cheaper prescription coverage, so I switched. I was very grateful! Bill and Jill are always available and knowledgeable. They are truly concerned and genuine and always ready to be helpful.

D. CARRICK Columbus, OH

When I retired and had to make a decision regarding supplemental insurance, I was soon overwhelmed with mailings from numerous insurance companies. Some of the literature presented insurance plans that seemed almost too good to be true. Yet others left you with a feeling that some of their great offers would only be valid for a short period of time with no definitive description of what the coverage or premiums would be later.

That is when we contacted Bill Pond who came to our home one evening and began to go through various insurance programs. What was really helpful was to see these various programs side by side and to hear about “the rest of the story” regarding some of these programs. Bill was very thorough about the pros and cons of the various insurance programs that are available and presented information in a very unbiased manner and in a way that was easy for us to understand.

I have been retired for nearly four years and have found Bill’s advise to be sound and reliable. It is also very assuring to know that Bill is only a phone call away should we have any further questions about insurance coverage.

ROBERT O. Sunbury, OH

When Bill Pond contacted us regarding supplemental Medicare insurance and a Part D prescription program (PDP) about six years ago my wife and I invited him to our home to discuss some options that he could provide as an independent insurance agent.

We quickly learned that Bill was well informed and prepared to offer several options for our consideration that could satisfy our insurance needs at the time.

After our meeting we made studied choices for both a Medicare supplement and a Part D prescription plan. Since initial enrollment we have had several renewals of our plans and continue to believe we are well protected with a strong Medicare supplement and a prescription plan that meets our needs.

I have also had several occasions to call Jill Pond for information and clarification regarding our supplemental and prescription insurance plans. She has always been most helpful, very patient and generous with her time. Service and regular communication are important to us.

We have recommended and would continue to recommend Pond & Associates for anyone who has insurance needs and questions regarding the choices available.

J. REED Lancaster, OH

The time had come for me to choose a Health Care and Prescription Drug plan. No Problem!! As my mail box was flooded with invitations from many Health Care sources, I was prepared to read all the literature and make a decision. It did not take long to discover I was caught up in the confusion of too many options. Health care nightmare!! How would I ever be able to sort through and choose the best plan? How could I make a good decision….when I did not even know the right questions to ask??

If you are in this situation, please contact Bill and Jill of Pond & Associates. They are professional, educated and simply “good people.” You can relax and be completely confident that they will take care of all your questions and lead you to the best possible coverage in your personal situation.

KAREN Marblehead, OH

If we have an issue, Mr. Pond will always help us handle it. They are just great people to work with.

BILL T. Utica, OH

It was difficult moving from my health insurance I’d had for decades. Bill pointed out the benefits of the move in a clear, concise manner making it easy to make a decision. I also purchased dental insurance with his help and it saved me more than $100 at a recent visit. Bill and Jill are very knowledgeable about their products and can easily guide you in the direction best suited for your personal needs.

E. A. ENTLER Millersport, OH

It was difficult to know what to buy and from whom? Bill gave us choices and prices and recommendations based on our situation. Bill and Jill are there when you need them to answer questions. They are very nice, honest, helpful people.

GORDON S. Bellefontaine, OH