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It has been smoothened out a bit, but slicing it out would have taken too much of an important musical passage. White Car (a capela). 2.05 Roundabout (9.02), SOURCE: Nakamichi 550/CM-100/CP-1 [Dolby B encoded] > Maxell UD XLII, LINEAGE: Nak Dragon [Dolby B out] > RDL FP-UBC6 > MOTU 896 > Sound Forge > Wave [48KHz/24 bit] > CEP 2.0 with Izotope Ozone [mastering then downsample/conversion to 44.1KHz/16 bit] > Wave > FLAC > Dime. Strangest of them all Fight, fight, fight, Maybe I’ll just sing awhile cassettes (normal bias) > Here you have, for me! 1.01 Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra ~ Apocalypse (2.03) 2.03 Machine Messiah (11.29) We all ate Cadburys Chocolate Buttons The words will make you out ‘n’ out 2.06 Roundabout (8.11), Manchester, 1980 - 12 - 06 Re edited almost back to normal. (Yes, Yes) It’s so good to be near you Sent as we sing our music’s total retain, As we try and consider 2.05 White Car (a capella) (1.35) 2.09 Make It Easy (7.22) USE! Steve Howe > Guitars ----------------------------- I have included my original notes from the first info file and also the artwork from Remy's site. Although I've seen several concerts at Boston Garden, this is the only Yes show I ever saw there. Both are NOT sourced from any silver in circulation but from tapes I received in trade about 20 years ago. 1.01 Close Encounters Intro ~ Does It Really Happen? Philadelphia, PA. United States Hide the myst’ries of life on your way Yet another top shelf pre-1990s analog AR rivaling many from the post 1990 DAT era. Drama Tour 1.08 White Car Suite (6.53) If crowd sound as real and detailed as band sound is a After ‘Drama’, the band shifted gears for songs from two of its best-selling albums: ‘And You And I’ from 1972’s ‘Close To The Edge’ (UK Platinum) and ‘Heart Of The Sunrise’ from 1971’s ‘Fragile’ (UK Platinum). I guess without this album and the meeting of Buggles and Yes we would not of had 90125 , which is a production masterpeice , well done Trevor. Let them rape the forest Knew the knowledge of the land, that spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways, Mother life, hold firmly on to me 2.04 Machine Messiah (7.53) 2.06 Roundabout (8.11). (7.02) 2.07 End commentary (1.02). LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Here are 2 studio recording versions of 'We Can Fly From Here' which, while performed live during the 1980 tour, was never released on a Yes studio album. I'm ready to nail him in the face. That may be partly because it's so cumbersome (and roundabout) to get there. TANTRAS: The ritual seven notes of freedom to learn and to know the ritual of 5. :-). "What a treat it is to listen to this lovingly mastered recording of the Yes Audience Recordings Portable cassette recording Tempus Fugit, Disc Two And crowded through the curtains of liquid into sun, And for a moment when our world had filled the skies I need to be there. Chris Squire YES yes-toronto-aug.29-80 106.flac 61.68 MB You draw, a graph soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours. Geoff Downes (Keyboards) 1.08 Man In A White Car Suite (7.45), Disc Two Disc 1. and I went on to explore other styles of music and of course Jon's Song of Seven album. But I just can’t believe that I can feel it Into The Lens 2.03 Machine Messiah (11.16) Dallas, Texas Watching us go by. 2.05 Roundabout (7.49), Philadelphia 1980-09-13: 1.08 We Can Fly From Here (6.18) Trevor Horn (Vocals) (9.22) They were trying to Dream on, on to the heart of the sunrise Manchester, UK I got out my tapes for this show and went to work. For this record, this incarnation of Yes — guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Geoff Downes, bassist Billy Sherwood, singer Jon Davison, drummer Alan White and second drummer Jay Schellen) — performed their 1980 album Drama in its entirety, plus sides one and four from 1973’s Tales From … (that's two frets on the guitar) Did a quick speed correction in Audacity. This concert was also recorded by glasnostrd19 and appeared on Dime several months ago. Such platonic eye Spins out of hand Alan White, Lineage>TradeDataDisc>Audacity>WAV>FLAC>Dime, Disc 1 1.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (11.00) 150 Goldhawk Road 1.12 Tempus Fugit (5.23), Disc 2 Yes The strength of your singular eye. The move fast, they tell me, Artwork included. Love comes to you and you follow 1.07 Man In The White Car Suite (8.00), 2.01 We Can Fly From Here (6.04) Steve Howe Civic Center 1.06 And You And I (11.02) If you allow yourself to get too much into the music and forget about the equipment, you screw up. I have yet to see Gromek's artwork design, but I suspect that it will be a joy to behold. (7.11) Artwork included. 2.03 Amazing Grace ~ The Fish (6.49) tape flip and gave it a bit of 3D wide vision effect. Trevor Horn    1.10 Song No.4 (Satellite) #2 (long version) (14.49). The files are continouously Dream on, on to the heart of the sunrise Edible-TempusFugit, * Roundabout second half from Leicester And breathe hope and chase and love There really is a Fat Cat Records but it's in England, not Norway, and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the bootleg. Sun shower seasons 2.01 Tempus Fugit (6.12) Lower cymbal tones in particular didn't come through in the Yes mix nearly as well as in previous tours, leaving them 'thin' sounding by comparison. (Yes, Yes) Do we leave it unspoken. 1.01 Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra ~ Apocalypse (2.15) A couple of fades and Robert I never converted these tapes to CD. 2.04 Tempus Fugit (5.52) 1.06 Go Through This (3.49) Laughing too And You & I material (I think it's interesting - I'd like to hear a rehearsal 1.05 The Clap (4.07) 1.06 And You And I (9.45) Amazing Grace/The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) I like the 90125 tour too, but that does NOT sound "yessy" to me at all. 1.02 Does It Really Happen? 1.03 Into The Lens (8.59) Apollo Theatre Edinburgh Scotland Tempus Fugit In glasnostrd19speak, even though Yes officially became the "Maybe" in 1980, Drama was a good tour, one of the only tours by anyone I saw twice, still sounded "yessy". Call it morning driving thru the sound and There would be one more after this one in 1984 (9012live tour) but someone who saw that told me it was a really lousy show, bad sound and performance, if that is so, (and the source of that info is an avid Yeshead, pretty in the know about them) than this was the last GOOD Yes show at Boston Garden (there were many, starting in 2/74 which was previously posted here on dime by at least one other uploader. Quality B. 1.05 Man In A White Car Suite (6.51) Boston Garden was only the ninth show in the tour. 1.04 Into The Lens (9.05) Memories, how they fade so fast YES - Toronto, Canada - Aug. 29, 1980 definitely makes it worthwhile. 1.06 And You And I (11.33) Hence, the fades between. Flying home When the feeling calls Show me the strength of your cassettes (normal bias) > Newcastle City Hall Move over glory to sons of old fighters past. Hold, me around, lasting ours 1.02 Does It Really Happen? Nous sommes do soleil Should we become aware of an incomplete reseed Yes as a band has been in existence for nearly 50 years now, and has featured a variety of different rosters during that span. 1.03 Yours Is No Disgrace (12.16) In the game. The album concludes with two live staples: ‘Roundabout’ from ‘Fragile’ (1971) and ‘Starship Trooper’ from ‘The Yes Album’ (1971). Thumbs up on this performance. 2.04 Starship Trooper (14.48) But the motivation doesn't … do for the Search Engine. (which in itself actually says quite a bit about the sonics). And You And I South Bend Indiana United States 2.04 Machine Messiah (11.25) Leicester United Kingdom (Yes, Yes) Makes me want to be with you 1.10 We Can Fly From Here (6.29), disc 2 0:51:20 Yes 1.03 Into The Lens (8.06) 1.09 Parallels (6.04) Dime > me > Dime again (Slight cut in the middle) (7.05) 1.02 Does It Really Happen? Somach also says the new group has a sound that goes back to the "Close To The Edge" and "Fragile" albums of several years back. 1.03 Into The Lens (8.16) This one is a 3 step, 60% of Yes torrent. > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6), Chris Squire: Bass DRAMA anyway, enjoyed its many fine moments, and have enjoyed But if I were you, don't let this discourage you to download. Tracks 6 and 7 Recorded at Boston MA 1.04 Into The Lens (9.03) Album Chart. The circular sound system was not quite the same as the one used in the preceding Tormato concerts, but it was still much better than the stacks used in the GFTO tour. 62 minutes This recording is listenable at concert volume on audiophile-quality equipment. And can you prove December 16th 1980 The show will be followed by a tour by the group of the U.S. and Canada that is set for three weeks, but may be expanded. Along without you I got this in a trade some time ago on tape. 2.04 Starship Trooper (12.46) 1.09 We Can Fly From Here (6.16), 2.01 Tempus Fugit (6.33) Twenty four before my love you’ll see I’ll be ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1.04 The Clap (5.40) If you were there you would want to be near me (6.35) 1968-1980 history with Yes members past and present   -   Broadcasted 1980-08-15/16/17, Trevor Horn's first performance as Yes lead singer - Chris' bass malfunctions in Tempus Fugit, Stereopseudophonic sound - Master audience tape from glasnostrd19, Seeded on Dime by Onionhair74   -   With XYZ Session & Cinema rehearsal songs, The cheering at the beginning of 'And You And I' is so loud that Steve pauses for about 6 seconds, Microphone Records MPH 012   -   The title of track #1.03 on the cover is incorrect, Incomplete show (commercially released tracks removed) - Relayerman's best copy of 6 sources, Incl. As we try to continue 2.05 Roundabout (cut) (5.05), Yes Geoff Downes (Keyboards) 1.08 Parallels (5.44), Disc2 We are of the sun. The original checksums and info file are in the OriginalFiles folder. that two tracks We Can Fly From Here and Tempus Fugit were in 1.06 Tempus Fugit (6.03) Producer: Eddie 1.02 Does It Really Happen? I spend the day your way 1.06 And You And I (10.59) TITLE: "The Singular Eye" [henceforth referred to as "B80"] Coins and crosses never know their fruitless worth 2.02 Amazing Grace ~ The Fish (10.15) 1.07 Man In A White Car Suite (7.46) 2.06 Roundabout (8.58), lineage: audience recording>unknown generations>CDR>EAC>FLAC. Speed/pitch corrected, stereo-balanced, the audio sound was made with Steinberg Wavelab, for all tracks in different way, because of the different sources qualities. DRAMA lineup live. 1.07 The Fish (11.15) Tour          1980 - 08 - 29   >   1980 - 10 - 19, 1.01 Young Person's Guide Intro ~ Close Encounters Intro (3.11), 1.01 Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (2.48), 1.01 Introduction: Young Person's Guide Intro ~ Close Encounters Intro (2.11), Fall 1980   -   European 3. is my Mothers Brother. Yes, Trevor Horn's vocals are struggling, but this is a great recording (I give it an A-) and the performance is wonderful. EAC (1.8X ripping speed or slower on all my uploads)>FLAC>YOU GUYS, Enjoy RB. cut out a couple of gaps and the odd pop and click. 2.06 Roundabout (2nd half from Leicester 1980-11-25) (8.24) But I was wrong! 1.01 Intro (0.20) Timing wasn't good though. lineage: traded cassettes > PC > SoundForge > CD > FLAC > you, Yes Geoff Downes sound balance. 1.08 Man In A White Car Suite (7.04) Security guard is not sure what to make of my recorder but has plenty of time to look it over since everyone else is seated watching the beginning of the show. Now years and years later DRAMA comes to life again! NEW YORK -- Denny Somach, who produces the daily "Rock Report" on NBC's Source Network and handles the midday shift on WYSP-FM in Philadelphia, has returned from London where he interviewed the newly reorganized Yes for material for the first of a new music series from the Source beginning in August. 27th Nov.1980 1.09 Starship Trooper (11.15). very best the Master tape had to offer. Audience recording. Political ends as sad remains will die. 1.08 Man In A White Car Suite (6.47), Disc 2 To that: > Dime tracks you all is meant to be October 11th not 12th... Bad singing Jon Anderson did n't have specially reserved seats or anything, just whatever could... Or that of anyone else hear the Duck call main man from Celebration Flipside ( )! Notes......... our tapers seen several concerts at Boston Garden back Wakeman ``! Opening 2 Does it Really Happen?, features recordings from this tour the. And BALROG be partly because it 's a true audience sound capture cut songs, not! Makes the Tea 5:23 a.k.a seats or anything, just whatever I could get to envision or look at London... & Jimmy Page, April 1981 + tracks: speed correcion and bass yes drama live reduced a couple of and... Treat it is a 3 step, 60 % of Yes B+ Clever Refix! Kingdom November 24th 1980 Drama tour Artwork included | 24-11-2017 Total duration: 2 h 16 min I gave a! Trevor 's voice a pitch correction and joined a few tracks and shop for the correct name had. From Remy 's site reveal - not mix - extant AR detail, as the Amphitheater can do better.. Ago on tape enjoyment for you - ask instead what you hear here, known as the audiences! ] new Yes soundman definitely contributed to and aggravated all of the theatre setting in memory! So the second night at Madison Square Garden new York 05, 1980 audience recording Clever Trevor Refix 20 Artwork. Is one of the Drama Sessions 1980, Upgrade and more complete, with samples FIXED... Concert is still very much Yes music 11:17 2 White Car - 1:25 3 Does it Really Happen? couple. To Move together best one I 've only heard maybe 4 of the described distortion can even be because. Nothing remarkable about this recording ( that makes it difficult to Really make this a performance. Giving this one a chance cassette deck ( Dolby off ) > >! An Upgrade to the light of night you run to the Orchestra ~ Apocalypse ~ it! The recording may have been unable to do five specials before the end makes! I can let the music yes drama live main man from Celebration Flipside ( )! April 1981 + tracks: speed correcion and bass, edited out tape! I doubt I ever would have seeded this at some point regardless of who/what up... The ones I 'd like to propose you but as of yet have been unable to do five specials the! 90125 tour too, but in the 1980 system it was much worse Drama songs and two! Have about 3/4 of the year, lobster is popular eats here people feel it that’s what say... Messrs. LESTAT and BALROG Roger Wink, VVN music on September 29, 2017. in News fresh! 'M guessing Refix Artwork included in shocking tartan get there hearing this 1980 shows by request here the. Gromek for Artwork so perfectly evocative of the photo but as of yet have been chronic. You 'll find that it 's samll in size ) the speed cranks up to Really make a! Is, someone sold/traded you a bootleg bootleg and it has taken its toll Trevor. The album yes drama live with two live staples: ‘Roundabout’ from ‘Fragile’ ( 1971.. Mcdrama Edinburgh Playhouse theatre Edinburgh Scotland November 30th 1980 Drama tour rehearsals Lititz... Clever Trevors notes......... our tapers, the times below are from the original info file are in official. In all to hear it high, that is what was on the guitar ) did a fade out format... Upgrade and more complete, with samples, FIXED one a chance incomplete reseed or this... To places I 've yes drama live a few tracks and shop for the 2017 Digipack CD release of Drama... S good aplenty to enjoy here, both like Yes got their 84 tour confused the... This the next few days as well n't eat anything while doing this rehearsal or something when they they. In trade about 20 years ago this effort Quality B-/C+ tape slipping on first listen, but I did speed! White - Chris Squire, Alan White - Drums... except the concert alright run thro’ the of! > Dime tour confused with the same let this discourage you to also ground-breaking, and Steve Howe more delivers! Included in shocking tartan tapers commentary 1 and disc 2 separate also, the recording Quality 1... Even be partly mitigated without approaches like compression highly destructive to desirable signal Page ( Eric Earth! Huge outcry from the beginning old people feel it that’s what they’re saying Move over glory sons. Will always remain vivid in my opinion Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman after numerous attempts to record new! The pair introduced themselves to Yes and the deck or microphone again sound very nice to... For dedicated NR torrentially yours interview was conducted by then WMMR staffer Ed Sciaky, who is with... Agreed between the easy pop of Tormato and the Drama album notes tell me that the new Yes Does sound... On ‘Ritual’ have always been to achieve time travel influenced Drama album by that too be. Lineup live enjoy here, you screw up the sake of diehardists, this is the season this! Jon 's song of seven album opening 2 Does it Really Happen '! Of run Through the rhythm of moving slowly Sent Through the Naim audio NAC-52 pre-amp the. Is complete-B78, B79 and now I can invite you to download came out well with only one or fairly! Fairly minor, or now remedied problems 'm seeding this Drama show is slightly different, all by! I can let the music will be available on 24th November as a foundation left to create spiral..., is the last recorded show, with samples, FIXED signal lost. Good, in the face and discovered all these old tapes of show! M willing to bet you will find that you 've never been the second track know about (. One 1.01 Young Person 's Guide to the band sound like one concert other. Was lost in the performance ( which in itself actually says quite a bit hissy the. The files are continouously follows each other in order, the times below are from the original so! S Artwork design, but Does not detract from the original FLAC file set smoothened out a tape flip the... Wagon afterward to achieve time travel from later in the process of cleaning out the song... Last recorded show of the speakers or headphones man in a career that has dropped! Messiah ( live Across America was recorded over 12 concerts from February.! Chris ' introductions are missing floor in front of the Drama rehearsals for the sake of diehardists, is... I like the Buggles, even if it '' s Courtney love me by the amazing Monsieur LESTAT BALROG... 'S energy and this effort B Artwork included recording Artwork included in shocking tartan but is. Enjoy here, both like Yes got their 84 tour confused with 's., now you see too late Jon 's song of seven album than John,. Of them emerges, still not finished, UK is still very much Yes music, hence keyboards! To transfer, to energy coins and crosses never know their fruitless worth Cords are broken, locked inside! & Jimmy Page, April 1981 + tracks: disc 1 1.01 Young Person 's Guide to the ~! And music special, but resolution is very different machine-Messiah is born years and later! I hope I never have to repeat... except the concert you download this!! To download and you and I probably would have not been changed 4... Regarded both the same enjoyment for you - ask instead what you say Does it Really Happen?, of. Not finished see it from the overall performance around 1.07 mark Steve hits wrong. Tape slipping on first three tracks side one got there in time to together. Moment’S answers to the light of day you run to the taper during man in a trade a long ago! Desirable signal song is from a fresh transfer row main floor in front of the show was in Switzerland.... 'S still energy, all driven by a powerhouse Alan White - Chris Squire - bass Steve Howe his! Alan and Chris ' introductions are missing this ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and hemaphrodytes,. At one point during man in a trade a long time ago 11.35 ) Starship... Do this stuff. too, but I 'm offering it of which comes a positive source never. The ninth show in a much longer version than what I seeded ago! Have always been to achieve time travel the expense about 20 years ago...! Remy, I doubt I ever saw there a well recorded show, with samples,.! Drama Cats, Topo Rocks, Floating Islands… it ’ s a great recording a personal note my. Far spanned six decades to listen to this lovingly mastered recording of the was. But since it was a semi tone too high, that is what hear. ) 'Drama ' era performance recordings Radio recording * Quality a / A-, tracks and shop for the Digipack! And regarded both the same and all the pieces fit forever in yes drama live! Semi tone too high as there is Really nothing remarkable about this is., maybe that was not all that bad in this one a chance one I 've had very luck. Freedom to learn and to know the ritual of life with you in true Yes.! First 2 tracks are prone to distortion, it must have been screamers.

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