torque tension load cell

RTB9. Remote Process Monitoring  |   There are a wide range of load cells for various applications including testing in narrow space, integration into equipment, testing special sample. Pressure Gauges  |   Stainless Steel Industrial Probes, Temperature Monitoring Systems − Wireless and GSM Enabled, GEN II Wireless Temperature and RH Monitoring System, Thermal Sensors Systems for Heat Flux and U-Values, Handheld Coating, Thickness and Surface Profile Meters. Glossary load cell, Multi-Axis Load Cell,Pressure Transducer Sensor,Tension Sensor,Torque Transducer manufacturer china Industrial Cable Mounted Probes, HYGROCLIP 2. In bar strain gauge load cells, the cell is set up in a "Z" formations so that torque is applied to the bar and the four strain gauges on the cell will measure the bending … HOME ABOUT US NEWS SYSTEM EXAMPLES LINKS TERMS PRIVACY POLICY CONTACT US. Get a Quote Temperature Measurement  |   SGA SERIES - Analogue Strain Gauge Signal Conditioning Amplifier, RWT Series Dynamic Rotary Transducer For Torque Measurements, RWT Series Dynamic Rotary Transducer For Torque, Speed & Power Measurements, RWT Series Dynamic Rotary Transducer For Torque Measurements - External Electronics, RWT Series Dynamic Rotary Transducer For Torque, Speed & Power Measurements - External Electronics, ORT Series Optical Rotary Torque Transducers, Standard Industrial Pressure Transmitters, Pi600R series, standard industrial pressure transmitter, ranges -1 Bar to 700 Bar, Keller Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitters Series 21Y, Pi600 Series Standard Industrial Pressure Transducers and Transmitters, Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter KM11, High Range Pressure Transmitter, Series 3100, Keller Series 33X & 35X Highly Precise Pressure Transmitters, P600FA Field Adjustable Pressure Transmitters, P642FAX Field Adjustable Pressure Transmitters, PTM Programmable Pressure Transmitter with 4-20mA, RS485 Output, Keller Series 23 & 25 Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitters, Keller Series 23(S)Y Temperature Compensated Pressure Transmitters, Keller RFID Pressure / Transponder Data Logger Series 21 D(C) RFID, Keller EXd Pressure Transmitters for Hazardous Applications, Series 23 ED / 25, Keller Series 6 miniature pressure transducer, Keller Series 7L Miniature OEM Pressure Transducer, Keller Series 7S/9S miniature pressure transducer, Series 10 miniature pressure transducer, EXD, Keller miniature pressure transducer, Series 10, Keller PD10L OEM Differential Pressure Transducer, Keller PAA 15 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer, Pi605M series OEM industrial pressure transducers and transmitters, Differential and Low Range Pressure Transmitters, Keller PD39XE Series Differential Pressure Transmitter, Keller PD39XEi Series Intrinsically Safe Differential Pressure Transmitter, Keller PD33X Differential Pressure Transmitter, Keller Differential Pressure Transmitter - PD23 Series, GC5 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter with Display, Keller PR41 XE Low range pressure transmitter, ranges from 10mBar. Noise Monitoring Systems. Signal Conditioners  |   Tension Load Cells Tension Load cells (force sensors) are designed for tension testing. Direction of force: Tension and compression. TAS Series Fixed Core Current Transformers. T = K 2 D 2 P T = torque, lbf.-in. Once the data is gathered and plotted on a chart, the slope of the curve can be used to calculate a correlation factor. High Temperature Measurement Probes. Get the most out of your load cells, load buttons, summing boxes and more. D200. There are two types of Torque Sensors a reaction that measures static torque, and rotary that measures dynamic torque. Load cells operate in two basic modes: the compression mode, during which the weighing vessel sits on one or more load cells, or the tension mode, during which the weighing vessel hangs from one or more load cells. Generally, this control mode is only suitable for elastic web materials otherwise direct tension control with tension transducer via torque limits is the preferred choice. Output 1.5mV/V to 3.0mV/V (refer to datasheet), accuracy 0.05%, sealed to IP65. This control mode with tension transducer has no storage function for the material being wound. Hardware Material Handling Equipment Metal Cutting Services Metal Forming Services. ... Used in multiple load cell applications, tank weighing and industrial process control. Ranges 1kN to 250kN, output 1.5mV/V to 3.0mV/V (refer to datasheet), accuracy 0.05%, sealed to IP65. Tension Load Cells - tecsis LP Tension load cells which are also commonly called compression load cells are ideal for applications where the load may go from tension to compression, or from compression to tension. Dual 4-core screened cable, one for each axis. This type of force is known as positive force. Calibration Certificates for Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Calibration Certificates for Air Flow Sensors, SCS Calibration for Vane and Thermoelectric Anemometers, Accelerometers for General Vibration Monitoring − 4−20mA Output, MTN/1185 RMS Vibration Velocity Sensor with 4-20mA Output, MTN/1187 RMS Acceleration Sensor with 4-20mA Output, Accelerometers for General Vibration Monitoring − 100mV/g output, HS-100 Series - Top Entry Industrial Accelerometer, HS-100S Series - Low profile Accelerometer, HS-100T Series - Dual Output, Top Entry Accelerometer, HS-100ST Series - Low Profile Dual Output Accelerometer, HS-100 Series - Top Entry Submersible Industrial Accelerometer, HS-100S Series - Low Profile Submersible Accelerometer, HS-100I - Intrinsically Safe Accelerometer, HS-170 Premium Accelerometer with AC Output, Voltage & Current Sensors Energy Monitoring Systems, QI-V-485 RMS AC/DC Current Transformer Ranges 50 & 300 AMPS RS485 MODBUS, Self Powered, Split Core AC Current Sensors, HT1B & HT2B - DC Current Transformers / Transducers - Torroidal, CTH Current Transducer - Through Hole Core Type, TM2U - AC Voltage Isolated Transducer - RMS, AC Voltage Sensors, Ranges 0-300 and 0-600 VAC, 3 Phase Voltage Monitor with Relay Output, TM8P - Programmable Isolated Transducer - True RMS. Dead weight Test Room 500 kgf 200 kgf 10 ton 200 ton 큐리오텍 20P selec 1115.indd 3 … The ET24 can be used with a single T24 display, or in a multi-point measurement system with up to 100 load cells. Reaction Torque Load Cells. QA-Omni Universal Signal Conditioner and Data Logger, QA-POWER-M Single Phase Network Power Analyser and Data Logger, Remote Data Logging − Web Enabled, GPRS, Ethernet and Wireless Systems, GRD-3G Series Data Logger with Mobile & Satellite Communications, TBox Nano Battery-Powered Data Logger with Integrated 3G Modem, Gen II Wireless Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity and Process Signals, RME1 Ethernet Web Enabled Analogue Acquisition Unit, SSE-232 Ethernet Web Enabled Digital Acquisition Unit, M2M Data Web Interface for Remote Data Acquisition, Multi−Channel Universal Input Data Logger Range, SQ2010 Data Logger with 4-8 analogue inputs, SQ2020 Data Logger with 8-16 analogue inputs, SQ2040 Data Logger with 16-32 analogue inputs, OQ610-S Through Process Data Logging Systems, Datataker DT80 Universal Input Data Logger, Pace Scientific 4 and 8 Channel Data Logger Range, Pace Relative Humidity, Temperature and Light Probes, Input Scaling Modules for XR440 Data Logger, Data Acquisition Systems High Speed USB & LAN, BMCM USB DAQ System - USB-AD14F USB Powered DAQ Unit, BMCM Network DAQ System for LAN Networks (TCP/IP) - LAN-AD16fx, BMCM High-Performance USB DAQ System - USB-AD16F, BMCM Miniature Amplifiers for LAN and USB External Acquisition Units, BMCM NEXTView Measurement Software for Data Acquisition & Analysis, BMCM All−In−One Measurement Systems (LAN, USB), All-In-One Measurement System - AMS42-LAN16F, All-In-One Measurement System - AMS84-LAN16F, All-In-One Measurement System - AMS42-USB, All-In-One Measurement System - AMS84-USB, Data Acquisition Systems High Speed PC Cards, Addi Data PCI Data Acquisition Boards − Digital I/O. Torque: <±0.05% Rated Output, 400 nominal (Force Axis) 750 nominal (Torque Axis), 350 nominal (Force Axis) 700 nominal (Torque Axis), 5m, 6-Core Screened Cable via 6-pin Bayonet Lock Connector, Stainless Steel and Aluminium (below 0-500N/0-10Nm. Cryogenics  |   What is a Six-Axis Force/Torque Transducer? The most common types of load cell used are strain gauges, pneumatic, and hydraulic, pneumatic. This was accomplished by combining the sensors with the high sample rate of the data logging and graphing capabilities of the SI-USB, capturing real-time force and torque levels for examination. A load cell is a transducer that is used to convert force into measurable electrical output. This one is characterised by a measuring range varying from 10 N to 50 MN (tension and / or compression) and an accuracy of up to 0.01%. Sound Level Meters. Designed for the demanding environment of industrial automation and robotics, ideal where the load may go from tension to compression and vice versa. Designed for operation underwater. The role of expansion plan aims to make Zhimin serve more clients all over the world. A Tong Torque system includes, 6" or 8.5" Torque gauge, tension or compression load cell, 5' of high pressure hose, Instrument hand pump and 1 Litre of All Weather. Call Us ... Used in multiple load cell applications, tank weighing and industrial process control. More Load Cells Manufacturers. pt100  |   Anemometer  |   Tubular Heaters  |   View Product . They are very suitable for environments that restrict space, and their threaded ends allow for easy installation. Applications vary from cables on cranes, support rods in architectural designs, engine test beds, to industrial weighing applications. Load cells are force sensors which can invert the applied force to signal and output it. Temperature Transmitters  |   Portable Digital Transducer Instrument. Small, rugged and lightweight force measurement instruments are ideal for use in any industrial environment. APCI-2200 Relay Board, Optically Isolated. View Product. Load Cells, Tension Force Sensors, Compression Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Multi-axis Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Non-standard Sensors,Tension Dynamometers, Weighing Controlling Indicators, Force Displayers, Weighing & measuring Solutions M12 Temperature Connectors  |   AT101 Axial Torsion Load Cell This transducer is used for measuring both torque and force in a single sensor. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. Tinytag Talk 2 Data Logger for Temperature, Voltage, Current. Dacell is providing ultra-precision load cells and various weighing, tension load cell, torque sensor measuring products supplier, which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 20 years of experiences in manufacturing of industrial weighing and measuring system products and with own superior technologies. Intuitive 4 Series - Digital Panel Meters, AT01 CH7 Battery Powered LCD Counter Display, SWT-99X Multi-channel Temperature Indicator, N321R Electronic Thermostat with Defrost Cycle, Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters − Time of Flight and Doppler, Omni TDI-200H Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Precision 190LT Time of Flight Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Precision 190P Dual Mode Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Ultrasonic Flowmeters − Fixed − Time of Flight and Doppler, OMNI-TUF-200F Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flowmeter, OMNI-ECO-200M DIN Rail Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Minocal WR3 Remote Mounted MID Approved kWh Heat Integrator, 190PDE Portable Ultrasonic Clamp on Heat Meter, Electromagnetic Flow Meters (Magnetic Flow Meters), M921 Precision Electromagnetic Flow Meter, MAG930 Battery Operated Magnetic Flowmeter, NT Stainless Steel Turbine Flow Meters for clean liquids, Inline Turbine Flowmeter - TFM Series - Flanged Connections, Model G2 Turbine Flow Meter for clean liquids, CDI 5200 & 6200 Compressed Air Flow Meter, CDI 5400 & 6400 Series Compressed Air Flow Meter, CDI 5450 Hot Tap Compressed Air Flow Meter, Open Area, Tunnel & Duct Air Flow Monitoring, AV-622 Single-Point Multi-Range Air Velocity Transmitter, AVT Air Velocity and Temperature Transmitter. Tension Load Cells; Torque Sensor; Torque Transducers; torque sensor. Radiometers − UV, IR & Net Solar Irradiance, Suntrackers − Direct & Diffuse Irradiance, RaZON+ All-In-One Solar Monitoring System, GEN II Wireless Environmental Monitoring System, Accessories − Enclosures, Cable, Connectors & PSUs, Low Profile GSM, WiFi Body Mounted Antenna, 0-50N/0-1Nm; 0-100N/0-2Nm; 0-250N/0-5Nm; 0-500N/0-10Nm; 0-1kN/0-10Nm; 0-2.5kN/0-25Nm; 0-5kN/0-50Nm; 0-10kN/0-100Nm; 0-25kN/0-250Nm; 0-25kN/0-500Nm; 0-50kN/0-500Nm; 0-100kN/0-1000Nm; 0-250kN/0-2500nM, 1mV/V Typical (0.5 typical on 0-50N/0-1Nm and 0-100/0-2Nm versions), Axial: <±0.05% Rated Output. Compression and tension/compression load cells, used frequently in weighing research and in-line force monitoring. Thermowell  |   LPMS-IG1 9-Axis High Precision IMU with Optional GPS Connectivity. Data Sheet 8427 Low-cost tension and compression load cell. Dacell is providing ultra-precision load cells and carious weighing and measuring products, which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 20 years of experiences in manufacturing of weighing and measuring products and with own superior technologies. Isolated Temperature Transmitter TxIsoRail, TxIsoPack Isolated Temperature Transmitter, RTD and Thermocouple Probes with Flying Leads, Thermocouple and RTD (PT100) probes with flying leads, Surface Mount and Pipe Mount Temperature Sensors, Surface Mount and U Bolt PT100 and Thermocouple Sensors, Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitters, RHT Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitters, RHT Climate Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitters. Calibration Adapters Thread Adapters Couplers Jam … Metrology Grade Force Transducers. Wireless Sensors  |   Tension or compression type load cell. Measuring range: 2.5 N ... 100 kN. View Product. Thermocouple  |   Immersible force sensors for a military application. Temperature Sensors  |   The DBBSS/TSF dual axis force and torque sensor is a compact and accurate transducer designed to measure both static torque and axial load in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions/tension and compression respectively. Infrared Thermometers  |   Contact our technical sales team now to discuss your requirements. Needs analysis, development and manufacturing to design several load cells that will measure and display the tension forces applied to slings designed to hold a submarine launching ramp in place. Conductivity Meter  |   LVDT  |   ... NRE is the leading manufacturer & exporter of Tension Load Cells. Credit card orders can also be placed over the phone for any product. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Fastener Torque Tension Load Cell. Contactless rotating torque transducer manufactured using a … Specialized in design and manufacturing miniature small load cell … Detail Inquire product Compare product. Mass Flow Controller  |   Flange Type Tension Torque Transducers Load Cell Sensor , Find Complete Details about Flange Type Tension Torque Transducers Load Cell Sensor,Torque Sensor,Flange Type Torque Transducers Load Cell,Flange Tension Sensor from Sensors Supplier or Manufacturer-Ningbo Chenxuan Technology Co., … TEDS Available for Plug & Play with TEDS Enabled Instrumentation, eg. Chart Recorders  |   Sanitary Sensors  |   Dacell is providing ultra-precision load cells and various weighing, tension load cell, torque sensor measuring products supplier, which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 20 years of experiences in manufacturing of industrial weighing and measuring system products and with own superior technologies. Capacities from 0-50N/0-1Nm to 0-250kN/0-2500Nm. Standard tension link load cell. HYGROCLIP 2. Applications vary from cables on cranes, support rods in architectural designs, engine test beds, to industrial weighing applications. At Stellar Technology, we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of standard and stocked load cells in the test and measurement industry.Our load cell types can range from a few grams to 2,000,000 pounds tension or compression operation, with accuracies up to 0.03 percent. And other tailor-made force sensors for auto industry,robotics,medical equipment,etc. CS154. Applications include tank weighing, hoppers, suspended loads and truck scales. D = fastener nominal diameter, inches P = preload, lbf. Torque Load Cell, Load Cell, High Precision manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Xjc-Nj-B Robot Joint Torque Measurement Static Force Sensor 30nm 50nm 100nm, 5kg Compression Load Cell Force Measurement in Small Space Installation, 30t Single Point Load Cell Force Measurement in Small Space Installation and so on.

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